Saab Sport

    The 1962 models featured longer mud flaps and altered tail lights, and then during the winter 1961-1962 came some more modifications: radio interference suppression, vacuum controlled ignition advance, woolen upholstery and two new body colors: City Grey and Arctic Blue.

    A delivery van based on the 95 and with no rear seats was produced for the Danish market, and from January 1962 cars for the Swedish market came equipped with seat belts.

    Probably the most interesting innovation in the spring of 1962 was the 52 hp Saab Sport model that succeeded GT 750, and featured separate engine lubrication (no more oil into the gas tank) and triple carburetors. Disc brakes at front.

    Production and sales continued to increase. In 1961 35,890 Saab cars were manufactured - just under 10 percent of them station wagons. Saab's market share in Sweden rose to 12.8 percent.

    Erik Carlsson, who in 1959 almost won the European Rally Championship, became the world's Number One rally driver by winning his third straight British RAC Rally in 1962 and by winning the Monte Carlo Rally both in 1962 and 1963.



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