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My Christmas trees ...
Some details of my new model.
WIP - master parts of the new Saab 95.

Griffin Models new scale model kit

The prototyping of the Saab 95 is completed. Now all parts will be prepared in brass.

Saab 9-5 2010 by Griffin Models

Now I have first Toyota Tacoma Pikes Peak kits. Still have to prepare photo-etched parts, decals and instructions, to be able to release it. Work for another 2-3 weeks...

Toyota Tacoma Pikes Peak by Griffin Models


And I continue my work with Friction Testers...

Short photo-update...

Ready made models by Griffin Models

I continue my work with ready-made 900 Friction tester series. Meanwhile the new 9-5 Aero is on final prototyping stage...

Griffin Models Saab 900 Friction tester

All 10 bodies were painted today. 5 white, 5 yellow.

Griffin Models Saab 900 Friction tester

Toyota Tacoma Pikes Peak - work in progress. Next few days I will be able to post pictures of complete kit.

Griffin Models Toyota Tacoma scale 1/43 WIP

New section opened - READY-MADE. As I already started preparing first "factory built" models, they will become available for sale in this section. Expected no more than 10 ready-made models per month... Sorry, no enough time to handle both producing new and building existing kits...

Griffin Models Saab 900 Friction tester

Next month this page will be archived and new will be opened for Year 2013.

Now there is 4 body styles in our  CONFIGURATOR.
The new addition:
Saab 900 Coupe Model Years 1987 -> 1993
Saab 900 Hatchback Model Years 1987 -> 1993

Toppola camper kit is no longer available via my Accessories catalog. With reduced price it's available now in the CONFIGURATOR for all 3 and 5-door models. In about a month another 3 versions will be also available as addtion to your custom kit.

Few more interesting details were prepared recently, but they will be announced later.

Continue my work with white metal Limited Edition Saab 900 Enduro "Steroid Poppin' Swede". Only 12 of these coming very soon!
Expect first real pictures of complete Toyota Tacoma Pikes Peak resin kit - the first scale model in 1/43 of this great winner!
Same for 92H and 95HK motorhomes.

Saab Formula Junior No. 3 (driven by Carl-Magnus Skogh) finished

Saab Formula Junior by Griffin Models

Tacoma and 95HK are ready to be produced! Continue my work with the new 95 and 92H Motorhome.

Griffin Models Saab 95HK WIP

Griffin Models Toyota Tacoma scale 1/43 WIP

Tacoma was already prototyped today. It's just a time for a new project:

Turbo-X by Griffin Models

Tacoma Pikes Peak 99% finished. Starting my work with face-lift 900 Configurator...

Toyota Tacoma Pikes Peak by Griffin Models

Face-lift version of Coupe and Hatchback Saab 900 are ready now!
I still have to write proper scripts for the Configurator, and probably even in 1 week you will be able to order your custom Saab 900 'MY87 ->

Also I have massive progress with the Saab 95, MY 2010 - all details are ready and I'm starting my work with masterparts. As this model will be available via the Configurator too, I still have to prepare it's Aero version, together with second body type - Sport Combi. Following the traditions - the new 95 is starting as a kit, but later this model will be available as readybuild too. Unfortunately I will be able to handle just about 10-15 readybuild models per month - so, please, be patient.

95HK Motorhome was sent for casting, still have to prepare photo-etched parts, decals and boxes - the model is too big for current ones even if it's a kit...

My new project: Rod Millen Pikes Peak Toyota Tacoma. Waiting for permission to start the project.
Expected 1st quarter 2013 - both readybuild and kit.

Toyota Tacoma Pikes Peak by Griffin Models

Readybuild version of my new model will be available soon. All will looks exactly like this one!

Saab 900 Enduro by Griffin Models

Facelift versions of Saab 900 Coupe and Hatchback are ready for production. Together with friction tester these kits will be available in 3 weeks. Continue my work with master details of 92H, 92HK and Saabo. 3D model of 9-5 mk2 is ready now. Really hope to launch at least the Sedan version before Christmas.

The Configurator is online now. I will proceed all orders via this configurator after 15 September, 2012 as new dashboards and all interiors are on production now and will be available in 2 weeks.

Finally I have enough time to start my work with custom scale models online configurator, starting with Saab 900. To make it possible first I have to create and fill my new Accessories catalog.
Thus way after just few months you will be able to order a scale model - replica of almost every Saab 900, produced ever. How about that ...

Quick preview of my next project

Saab 9-5 2010 by Griffin Models

See you in Belgium!

See you in Belgium

Preparing Saabo. Actually this Saabo will be available in 2 months, but I decided to build exactly this one first. Still - the Saab Museum Saabo launch will be during the IntSaab 2012 in Belgium.

Griffin Models Saabo Saabklubben

Preparing Aspen Police Saab 900 Turbo Hatchback. This resin kit will be available in 1 month.

Griffin Models Saab 900 Aspen Police

OK. I'm back from my vacation. Greece is beautiful, but not in the middle of July - so hot..

Back to my models: I'm happy to show first real picture of Saab 900 2-door sedan (Notchback)

Griffin Models Saab 900 Notchback

This model kit will be prepared and available in the middle of September 2012.

...and new sets of wheels.  Soon almost all of these will be available also as accessories.

Griffin Models Saab 900 wheels

Saab 92H Motorhome project almost completed. Here it's first render:

Griffin Models Saab 92H

Preparing show models that will be at our stand at IntSaab 2012

Griffin Models at IntSaab 2012

Griffin Models' Saabo (Saab Museum version) was sent for casting. First 30 kits will be available for sale at IntSaab 2012.


Griffin Models at IntSaab 2012

GRIFFIN MODELS will participate at IntSaab 2012. You will find us and our models at stand. WELCOME!

Griffin Models' Toppola camper is now ready. In 2 weeks it will be available for sale. Even now I accept your reservations for Limited Edition Toppola for IntSaab 2012 kit. Use Contact us form to make your reservation.

Griffin Models Toppola

Griffin Models' Saab Formula Junior experimental available for sale. 

Griffin Models Saab Formula Junior 1962 experimental

Starting to paint the first Saab Formula Junior experimental. "Toreador red" paint was prepared according to it's original formula.

It was an interesting day here in Sofia, when the town was shaken by a 5.9 magnitude earthquake, later the same day followed by a storm of hail and floodings all over the town... Not so pleasant experience, especially when you're on the 11th floor...
But back to my models. Finally I found a color picture of experimental Formula Junior, painted red. I believe they used the same color, available in 1962 (Toreador red). Let's not forget the fact that famous Saab 93 "The Monster" was used for tests before Saab entered the Formula Junior league. The Monster was build in year 1959 and now it's in the Saab Museum in Trollhattan. It's painted in "Toreador red".
My special thanks to Fons Wolthuis (the man behind the "ELAND MODELS")!

Saab Formula Junior experimental in red

While waiting my designer to proceed with Novanta, I decided to build Formula Junior (both versions). Tomorrow I'm going to search the proper colors for the body, but even today few details were already prepared.

Griffin Models Saab Formula Junior

Web-site update complete.
Yesterday first 60 Toppolas were sent for casting (Including 25 pcs. limited edition for IntSaab 2012)
Also we found better (and cheaper) way to send our models abroad. There's also another chance to reduce shipping costs in near future!
For the very first time resin kits appeared here. Formula Junior were added. Less than two weeks until they finally will be available for sale! We are starting with both versions, presented in the Saab Museum in Trollhattan, and that's not all. We are digging deep into the Saab history to find the facts about the Formula Junior and it's first appearance. Even now we have some pictures, where it's clear visible, that the car is painted in one solid color. We have some information that it's red. All we need now is a confirmation of this fact!!!

Good news for the Novanta project. Finally we found where's the car and got some access to this masterpiece! In the result we have some really good pictures and great starting point for this project!

Web-site update is almost complete. Due to migrating the database, we had to send all registered users new auto-generated passwords.
Please, excuse us for the inconvenience!

Both Saab Formula Juniors were produced few days ago. Currently only 30 per type were produced, thus way in our workshop we have 60 new models!

Griffin Models Saab Formula Junior - first 60 kits

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