Building custom models using the CONFIGURATOR

Starting January 2017 I will build 20 (21) custom models using the CONFIGURATOR 

The whole idea behind this is to show you HOW EASY is the assembly of Griffin models and the results may be great when you have some basic tools and you know how to use your imagination. Some models will require some additional work, which will be mentioned in my work-log.

Picking the list of 20 models: 
1. Saab 900 Turbo "James Bond" Chassis 17091 (Saab Museum)
2. Saab 900 Convertible Targa Concept by Leif Mellberg - Chassis 13510 (Saab Museum)
3. Saab 900 Toppola -  Jan Martens
4. Saab 900 Toppola -  Jan Martens with trailer
5. Saab 900 Sedan - 0900 KP
6. Saab 900 Sedan - 0900 KP v2
7. Saab 900 Hatchback - 0900 MT
8. Saab 900 Facelist Friction Tester Rotterdam Airport
9. 900 Valmet (p18 RH)
10. Enduro - the missing kit
11. 900 Convertible by Lynx Engineering - Cherry red
12. Saab 900 Gold (p67 RH)
13. Saab 900 Aquamarine blue 1980 with luggage carrier
14. Saab 900 Lux red
15. Stripes on 900 
16. Saab 900 Ruby
17. The Old Girl
18. Saab 900 Friction trester
19. Saab 900 Aspen Police
20. Saab 900 Red Arrow
21. Driving a legend - Black 900 Coupe with Inca wheels 

After the list was approved I had to sort all the details (same way when I receive orders via the CONFIGURATOR and then I sort manually all the details from the order).
Sorting was done and here's the result (at that stage I decided to use some details, used for tests through the years and then abandoned in my scale-model-junk-yard). 

The list

Sorted trays


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